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    Customer Reviews

    “Best facial extraction for acne-prone and clogged skin ever!
    I always suffer problem acnes skin and I have tried many facial places especially Vietnamese salons in Melbourne before to help me clear up them but it does not work at all or even makes it worse. However, after experiencing my facial extraction at ROC BEAUTY, I felt so good and so satisfied. My skin is getting better.
    Lisa is very professional and dedicated therapist who makes me feel that I could trust her with my skin. I have a very low pain tolerance but the extraction process by Lisa was thoroughly and gently done, which is unbearable and so painful in other spas I had patronised before.
    The facial session took longer than usual as I had too many clogged pores - which was excellent as I really needed to get those impurities out of my skin! While the mask was on, I was given a really good head massage - I wish it could be longer! I am very satisfied with the results too. My skin isn't perfect yet... but I'm loving what I can see now. Thank you so much, Lisa.
    Definitely going back again!” - from FB page

    - Dung Nguyen

    “I couldn't speak more highly of my experience with Lisa, I have never had someone take so much care & be so thorough with facial treatments. Her attention to detail was amazing!
    Since seeing her during the week my skin has been the best it's ever been! I can't wait to see her for future treatments. I would highly recommend her.“ - from FB page

    Steph Swinton

    “As I can remember, I have always had a bumpy skin, and I was very stressful whenever I looked into the mirror and tried to squeeze it all. My friend recommened Lisa to me and since I got extraction facial with Lisa, I never looked back. She literally took out all my blackheads and whiteheads. My skin feel so smooth and soft, and it has been 3 weeks since I have been using Montaser, my skin has been improved even more. She is also a great listener!!“ - from FB page

    Zinna Ho